Back to Work!

Posted: April 29, 2013 by mrkurobe in Uncategorized

Wow, it’s been nearly half a year since I have posted anything here.  Meaning it’s been nearly half a year since I’ve really worked on my figures at all.  I have done some small amount of work, adding wings to my Tyrant and such, but for the most part I just haven’t been able to get into the swing of painting and modeling.  My excuses are, at least, solid: Mrs. Kurobe and I have recently added a new member to the family, and shortly before that we moved house, so my 40k projects went to the back burner for a bit.

But I am happy to report that as of today, I am back in business.

I didn’t get a huge amount of work done today, but I picked back up on my Necron restorations, focusing mostly on getting my troops fixed and painted.  Previously, I had managed to repair some lost limbs on my old school Immortals, and today I finally got around to spraying a base coat on them all so that I can begin painting.  I started to get a good color scheme figured out a couple months ago, so now I should be able to get them all painted soon.  I would like to do the same for my warriors, but several of them were missing the barrels on their gauss rifles, so today I set about to getting those fixed.  I repaired all of my warriors, save for two who are for some reason missing heads.

But my happiest moment today was in finally repairing the broken staff on my Overlord model.  This staff has been my bane since I got the model.  I snapped the staff in two while assembling and had never managed to get it back in one piece.  To make matters worse, I broke it in another spot today as I was trying to fix it.  But this time, I came up with a decent solution:


I had some copper wire laying around, so I thought it might be neat to make some wire coils to hold the staff in place at the broken points.  The wire acted as a brace to keep the staff lined up while the glue set, and it makes a decent accent to the staff as well.  The ends of the coils are poking out a bit, so I will need to press them down with some pliers or something once the glue is dry, but as far as I can tell the staff is stable and even a bit tougher to snap now than it was before.

Japan is kicking off it’s semi-weeklong group of holidays called Golden Week as of today, so I should have plenty of time in the coming days to get more work done.  Expect more reports as I progress.


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