Back to Work!

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Wow, it’s been nearly half a year since I have posted anything here.  Meaning it’s been nearly half a year since I’ve really worked on my figures at all.  I have done some small amount of work, adding wings to my Tyrant and such, but for the most part I just haven’t been able to get into the swing of painting and modeling.  My excuses are, at least, solid: Mrs. Kurobe and I have recently added a new member to the family, and shortly before that we moved house, so my 40k projects went to the back burner for a bit.

But I am happy to report that as of today, I am back in business.

I didn’t get a huge amount of work done today, but I picked back up on my Necron restorations, focusing mostly on getting my troops fixed and painted.  Previously, I had managed to repair some lost limbs on my old school Immortals, and today I finally got around to spraying a base coat on them all so that I can begin painting.  I started to get a good color scheme figured out a couple months ago, so now I should be able to get them all painted soon.  I would like to do the same for my warriors, but several of them were missing the barrels on their gauss rifles, so today I set about to getting those fixed.  I repaired all of my warriors, save for two who are for some reason missing heads.

But my happiest moment today was in finally repairing the broken staff on my Overlord model.  This staff has been my bane since I got the model.  I snapped the staff in two while assembling and had never managed to get it back in one piece.  To make matters worse, I broke it in another spot today as I was trying to fix it.  But this time, I came up with a decent solution:


I had some copper wire laying around, so I thought it might be neat to make some wire coils to hold the staff in place at the broken points.  The wire acted as a brace to keep the staff lined up while the glue set, and it makes a decent accent to the staff as well.  The ends of the coils are poking out a bit, so I will need to press them down with some pliers or something once the glue is dry, but as far as I can tell the staff is stable and even a bit tougher to snap now than it was before.

Japan is kicking off it’s semi-weeklong group of holidays called Golden Week as of today, so I should have plenty of time in the coming days to get more work done.  Expect more reports as I progress.


Necron Restoration Project: Free Prosthetics for All!

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One of my more worrisome tasks in fixing up this beat-up old secondhand necron army was to do something about models that were completely missing pieces.  For instance, there were no gauss rods included with ANY of my gauss weapons, but that was really just a matter of buying replacements.  Several of my Warriors were missing the tips of their gauss flayers as well, and I managed to find replacements for those as well.  However, several of my OOP Immortals were missing arms, and that was a tougher part to replace.

Immortal sans left arm, with gun and right arm broken off

Without both arms, it would have been difficult to reattach the gun with just the remaining arm, and of course the Immortals would have looked silly with just one arm clutching on to a huge tesla carbine (fortunately, the remaining arm was the trigger arm though!).  At any rate, I had to do something, and as I have been practicing my modeling skills with Instant Mold and epoxy putty, I decided I could try casting a broken off arm to make some of my own replacements.  The result is the following prosthetic arm for my little undying friend:


Just how hard IS it to replace a cyborg’s arm??

As you can see, it’s not a perfect copy.  In fact, it’s not even the right kind of arm.  The Immortals have two types of left arm: one grabbing a handle on the top of the gun and one grabbing a handle on its side.  This was a side-grabbing arm, and it also had a hand and gun handle with it, but rather than break off the correct arm to make a more accurate piece, I decided to just cut the hand off and try to jam it into place on this model, which as you can see has a hand gripping the gun at the top.  This actually worked just fine.

Good as new!

Another angle of the new arm

I was quite happy with the results.  This particular arm was pretty well made, and I think the finished product turned out rather good.  With a paint job over all that, it shouldn’t be immediately obvious that one of those arms was a crudely constructed putty hack job.  There were two other models with missing left arms, and while my replacements weren’t quite as attractive as this first one, I still think they more or less get the job done.  I look forward to seeing what they will look like painted up and set next to all the ones with normal arms.

As for the other models, well I made sure to get a group shot of them all showing off their new prosthetics:

“We gotta get some tats on these new arms!”

Battle Report!! Necrons vs. Eldar

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At long last, I return to this blog.  I apologize for my absence, but I actually have been doing 40k stuff lately, so hopefully I will find the time to get more posts up.  In the meantime, I’ve got a batrep!

This game is a 1000 point match between myself and our (now not quite so) new player in Uozu.  It’s our third game against each other and I decided to mix things up this time by leaving the nids at home to test drive my new (used) necron army for the very first time. You can watch it, in all its glory, right below:


Lists, as best as I can remember are as follows:



  • Overlord w/ resurrection orb
  • Lord w/ resurrection orb


  • 10x Warriors
  • 10x Immortals w/ gauss blasters (overlord joined)
  • 10x Immortal w/ tesla carbines (lord joined)

Fast Attack

  • 2x Heavy Destroyers

Heavy Support

  • Monolith



  • Far Seer w/ Guide, Runes of Witnessing


  • Guardians w/ Scatter Laser
  • Dire Avengers w/ Exarch, Wave Serpent


  • Harlequins w/ Shadowseer
  • Fire Dragons w/ Exarch, Wave Serpent

Heavy Support

  • 2x War Walkers w/ 2x Scatter Lasers each


Long story short is that I lost the game in 5, but it was good fun and I really enjoyed playing crons.  Amazingly, we didn’t get into assault once the entire game, and we got through it in about half the time it normally takes us.  Looking forward to experimenting more with my new army.


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A return to America has coincided with a new army for me. As a departure from my previous elite armies, I’m going for an Ork horde! I’ve so-far been really enjoying the modeling opportunities afforded to me by the haphazard nature of the Ork aesthetic. My favorite so far is my bikerboss (Gogduff Gitblitz) made from Black Reach parts I bought off of Primarch in Nagoya. He is about 3 times the size of a biker nob.

In addition I’ve worked on some lootas and a couple of homemade kanz (pictured below).



In other news, I got hammered in the Guardian Cup at Guardian Games. Great tournament, but half my games were marred by statistically unlikely rolling in the wrong direction. Still had fun and met a lot of great players.

Necron Restoration Project: Working with Instant Mold

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  The other day, my order of Instant Mold came in.  The excitement!  It meant that my work on restoring that old Necron army could begin in earnest.  The plan was to use this Instant Mold to make molds of all the various parts I need to replace or repair on the broken models.  In total, it’s a lot of stuff… and I’m still not even sure that this method will be the best fix for some of the parts, but I do intend to try.  The things I need to replace are mainly the broken off barrels of my warriors’ gauss flayers, with a handful of guns/arms for my older immortal models and a head for one of my warriors.  In addition to these, I also hope to cast a bunch of scarabs to use with my real scarabs in the construction of proper swarm-like bases.  Should I have any success with this material, I also hope to cast some ripper swarms in similar fashion for my Nids.

So what is this Instant Mold?  It’s pretty nifty stuff actually.  It’s plastic that softens when you toss it into some hot water.  The softening takes place pretty quickly, and once soft, you can impress things in it to easily make very good quality molds.  Once it cools, it hardens back to it’s original solidity, completing the mold.  Even when hard, it is a relatively soft material that is easy to cut with a hobby knife or box cutter.  Another benefit is that it is highly resistant to things sticking to it.  Whatever you put in the mold should come out easily once it cures.  That last point is important, which I will get to in a bit, but for the most part this stuff works great and is hard to screw up.  Also, it’s completely reusable.  Just toss it back in hot water and reshape to your liking!


To start with, I decided to test things out by making a couple scarab molds and taking a crack at the gauss flayer barrel and warrior head.  I used this putty, which is apparently like Milliput.  However, I had never used any kind of putty/green stuff before prior to this, so the whole thing was a great big learning experience.  Here are some of my initial molds:

It’s a little hard to see them, but the scarab molds turned out alright.  I can’t really speak for the others.  In the end, it didn’t matter at all, because my inexperience with epoxy putty caused me to screw the whole thing up.  I was rather unprepared for the stickiness of the putty, trying to work with it barehanded with no precautions of any kind.  I also worked with chunks of putty that were probably too large.  As a result, I not only got putty stuck to ALL OF THE THINGS, I also failed to adequately mix the two putties.  What ended up happening is that the putty never cured.  I left the molds overnight and went to check on them in the morning, but the putty was still extremely gummy and sticky.  Although the Instant Mold was resistant to things sticking to it, having a bunch of gummy and extremely clingy putty jammed forcefully into the fine crevices of a mold was a bit too much.  The result: I ruined a bar of the Instant Mold.  Here is the aftermath:

I decided to cut my losses and toss the ruined molds.  Starting back from scratch, I decided to actually look up some tips on working with epoxy putty, and that is where I learned how to do it right.  Basically, lubricate your fingers first (just dampening them with water is sufficient) and work with smaller amounts, combining them together if you need bigger chunks.  These two simple tips made a world of difference, and I was much more successful the second time around.  This time I tried making a single scarab mold and gauss flayer mold.

The scarab clone emerges!

Perfectly preserved scarab


The scarabs came out beautifully.  They aren’t perfect copies by any means, and they require a little bit of work with modelling tools to get them looking right, but I suspect that once they are painted and piled onto a base, they will make a pretty good swarm.  I am reserving my actual scarabs to go on top, with the less detailed copies swarming together toward the bottom of the base.
The gauss flayer, unfortunately, did not turn out as well as I would have liked.  It’s not really of a shape where a simple cast like this is practical.  While I got the overall shape done pretty well, the resulting cast would require a lot of very fine knifework to get it looking enough like the original, and I don’t really think I possess the skill to do a satisfactory job.  I will see what I can do, but if I am unable to cut the cast part into shape, I will need to find a better method for reproducing these parts.  Likely, I will need to make a very simplified replacement to which I can add detail after the fact.

Ultimately, I was very encouraged by this initial attempt.  This is my first tentative step into the world of serious modelling, and it is quite a bit different than my Nid mods up until now that have just involved gluing bits from monster A onto monster B.  Working with things like putty/green stuff and molds and whatnot is really interesting, and I look forward to applying all the new skills I gain from this to a future project where I hope to spice up my Nids a bit more.  Stay tuned for more of this project!  I leave you now with the remaining photos of my work:

Scarab and clone, side by side

Comparison of gauss flayer barrels

Current scarab mold, now empty

Necron Restoration Project

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As I mentioned before, I acquired a used Necron army off of eBay.  It largely consists of older models (mostly metal) and it arrived in pretty bad shape and in various states of paintedness.  Here is the army in its entirety laid out on my table.

All the models… and whatever broken bits also happened to come along for the ride.

All told, it’s 20 Immortals (15 old school metal), 18 Warriors, 9 Destroyers (5 old school Terminator-looking metal dudes), 5 metal Flayed Ones, 2 Wraiths (also metal), 2 Tomb Spyders or whatever they were called, and 1 Lord (yep, metal).  Also, there were a bunch of Scarabs with 6 bases for them and a Ziggur… I mean Monolith in there (not pictured).

broken metal immortals

As for the condition of everything… well, the biggest annoyance is the complete lack of the little acrylic rods for the warrior/immortal/monolith gauss weapons.  They just weren’t there.  I decided to use this as an opportunity to improve things by ordering some rods of a color other than the usual fluorescent green (I went with blue).  Some of those metal immortals came with their arms broken off, and while there were enough broken off guns to go around, three of them are completely missing their second arm.  I’m still thinking about how I will deal with that.

Many of the warriors had the tip of their guns broken off to various degrees, and only some of those broken off tips were in the box with them, but I will likely remedy that somehow with green stuff.  The flayed ones had some broken off arms (or arms that just hadn’t yet been attached), and one of them had a left arm forcefully glued upside down onto its right side (facepalm).   One of the Spyders had it’s front claw arms broken off, and the other had both arms (a gun and a claw) attached, but one prong was missing from the claw.

Of the two wraiths, one was broken in half with an arm broken off, but that was easy enough to fix.  The newer plastic destroyers were also in pretty bad shape with arms and other bits snapped off.  The older destroyers though seem to be very solidly built without really having any parts that easily snap off.  Two of them were not fully assembled, but that too was a very easy thing to remedy.

The monolith too, although not pictured, was pretty sloppily put together.  I think that in the process of painting it, I can add a few modifications to make it look good, but I doubt it will ever be winning any beauty contests.

About the only thing to make it all the way over here without any problems was the lord, which was also very solidly built.

My biggest challenge going forward will be dealing with all the guys with missing limbs, heads, gun parts and whatnot.  I need some pretty minor bits for the handful of models that are missing them, and trying to hunt them down will likely be too difficult.  I might be able to make something happen with green stuff or putty or whatever, but I don’t really know what is possible with that stuff as I have never used it before.  I do plan to make some molds for scarabs though to make big, cool looking swarms like this guy. Perhaps I can do something similar to make replacement arms or whatever.

Just getting everything fixed will be a lot of work, and then I get to repaint it all in my own scheme.  I decided to get started today by gluing back on most of the arms and such that were left in the box.  I got most of that finished, so now I just need to figure out how to repair the guys with missing parts and get those replacement acrylic rods in the mail.  I will be tracking my progress with the project here, so hopefully I can make this army look good.  I actually like the look of a lot of those older models, and I think they will add a little extra variety to the army.  Following are a few more closeup shots of the various models:

Poor Warriors, no Gauss for you!

Tomb Spyders, slightly beat up.

Love these old school Destroyers… and they’re so durable!

Big News

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I’ve actually been really inspired lately to get cracking on all my 40K projects, including this blog, but alas things at work have been keeping me away for a bit.

Regardless, I’ve got lots of news, so I’m throwing this post out as an update of what’s going on and a preview of what’s to come at Inaka Dakka.

First and biggest news: Mr. Nyuzen has left the inaka.  These are sad an lonely times out here now that I don’t have his Deathwing to kick me around anymore, but not all is lost.  Mr. Nyuzen has assured me that he will continue to contribute to this site once he settles back in to his native lands.  In addition, we are in the process of grooming his replacement.  We did manage to find another person out here to introduce to 40K, and in the near future I hope to get him on this blog as well.

And as far as news that more directly affects me, I managed to acquire a second army recently.  This time, I am going Necrons.  I got such a good deal with my Tyranid army that I took another stab at getting a used army off of eBay, and this time… not so good.  The army itself is nice, though it is full of older oop models (I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing).  The problem is that the army arrived more or less destroyed.  Lots of broken models, and some bits are missing entirely.  Probably the biggest slap to the face is that none of the warriors or immortals had the little plastic tubes for their gauss weapons, so I will need to find replacements somewhere.  Still not really sure where I will find those, but I intend to crawl the internets (and Tokyo) to find a place that sells what I need.

The Necron army is going to be a bit of a project to get it into fighting shape, but I’m actually kind of excited about it.  I intend to actually keep a close record of my work and put it here, so there should be no lack of content in the coming months.  Also, look forward to the final half of our post on Nagoyahammer and (hopefully) a look at our new player and his Eldar army.

Thoughts on Nagoyahammer 2012 Pt. 1

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It’s only been a couple of months since Nagoyahammer happened, so what better time than to write a post reflecting on it?

**This is a quick recap of how we fared at the tournament.  Stay tuned for pics and army lists coming soon in a followup post.**

It’s unfortunate that we have taken so long to comment on the event; as it turns out we actually won the team tournament!  But aside from that, this was only my second time playing with people who are not Mr. Nyuzen, and really it was the first significant outside action I have had since becoming relatively comfortable with the game.

As far as the tournament was concerned, both Mr. Nyuzen and I were very much looking forward to teaming up.  Truth be told, we spent more time than is probably excusable during work discussing our strategy over chat.  The end result was a team that performed very well, I think.  His Deathwing made a very good compliment to my Tyranids.  The games, as best as I can remember, went down something like this:

Round 1: vs. Double Orks!

The first mission involved capturing six objectives on the board (capturing meant to have a scoring unit end its turn, uncontested, next to the objective).  Once captured, it was a point for your team and you could move on.  On the surface, this looked to be a tough fight, and the orks came forward to aggressively pursue objectives on our side.  Unfortunately for them, some of their heavy hitters ran smack into an ambush of genestealers flanking in off the short edge and were taken out before they could do much damage.  Various other misfortunes led the giant ork horde to be reduced greatly in numbers each turn.  The most memorable moment for me was when a squad of Ork bikers decided to charge a big pack of termagants I had guarding an objective.  They looked harmless enough, but were given toxin sacs from an adjacent tervigon, and they wound up slaughtering the assaulting orks.  We called this one at turn 4.

Round 2: vs. Primarch’s Necrons

There was an odd number of participating teams, so the event’s organizer Primarch jumped in on his own with double Necrons to pad things out.  We drew him in the second round, which was incidentally the mission least suited to us.  It was some kind of a duel mission; basically kill points but with substantial bonuses for killing the opponent HQs while leaving your own alive.  The team with the cheapest HQ pair went first, so we decided to go slim with me bringing a Prime and Mr. Nyuzen bringing Belial.  I was hoping to quickly assassinate an HQ, but everyone ended up pulling their HQs back and joining up with squads.  The fight drug on, and we would have lost had it ended on the 5th turn, but we rolled one more turn and Mr. Nyuzen managed to score one more kill point that turn to tie it.  The game ended there, which was good because the Necrons were poised to finish us off had it continued.

Round 3: vs. Chaos and… more Deathwing?!

The last mission was the one we had prepared the most for; a capture the flag mission where one player on each team was in a “defender” role, holding an objective on their side, and the other was an “attacker.”  The idea was to gain control of the enemy’s objective, with the two roles getting special FOCs and deployment rules to facilitate their jobs (though either player could defend or attack regardless of their role).  Needless to say, I was on offense with a whole bunch of terminators back defending our goal.  I was a little surprised to see… another bunch of Deathwing terminators guarding the enemy objective.  Deployment rules allowed me to DS in my Doom and thropes on turn 1, and chaos ensued.  In the end, the Doom was the star of the show, eliminating pretty much all of the enemy Deathwing without even lifting a finger.  Several poor rolls on leadership checks had them succumbing rapidly to the Doom’s soul eating ability, and marauding genestealers outside dealt with the Chaos-playing “attacker”‘s attempts to come help out on defense.  Those attackers that did go after our objective failed to make a dent in our defense, and this game turned into a blowout on both sides.

We finished our last round quickly, which allowed us to watch the game between another 1-1 team and the only remaining undefeated team.  Our winning the tournament hinged on the results of this battle, in which we needed a win for the former team or a tie to give us the shared tournament victory.  In the end, it was that former team (Tau and Blood Angels) that went on to win and share the tournament championship with us.

I honestly wasn’t really expecting to win, so the whole thing was really exciting.  Between the tournament and free play on the following day, I was able to get a lot more exposure to non-Deathwing armies, which allowed me to really get a good feel for the various things that the Tyranids are capable of.  Playing against the same all-terminator army day in and day out doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity.  Alas, those are the perils of playing in the Inaka.  I do hope to get out to Nagoya a little more often though so that I can mix it up a bit with the good folks out that way.

Here’s a progress update extravaganza on my Deathwing army.

My Deathwing at about 1500 points.

Less than two months until Nagoyahammer and I have eight more terminators to go (let’s not talk about the two Land Raiders…) until I meet my painting goal. Once I’m done, I’ll be easily able to field an all-foot 1750 point army.

Here is my Deathwing Librarian, which I was thinking of using as a counts-as Ezekiel if I ever field him (at least before the new rumored Dark Angels codex makes an appearance).

Deathwing squad with Belial, Apothacary and Standar Bearer.Speaking of making an appearance – here is my upgraded  ‘command squad’ including my cyclone missile launcher-equipped apothecary I call Dr. Missile Launcher. The clawed standard bearer also feature’s my first bit of free-hand that isn’t just a shoulder chapter badge. I know it’s not the actual Deathwing banner, but I think it captures a Dark Angels feel – maybe it’s a campaign banner?I’ll leave you with another shot of my librarian in front of a long-interred Deathwing dreadnought.

Doom of Malan’tai!

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Wow, we haven’t really done a good job of keeping up with the blog here, but fear not!  We have still been busy working on our armies and playing the odd game.  I myself have finally come up with a final color scheme for my army and have begun work on getting it all painted. No small task for a horde, so of course it is all very much a work in progress, but once I get a little more done I will get all those pictures put right here.

In the meantime, I will tide you over with a recent project I decided to start up.  Now that I am more or less comfortable with the Tyranid codex, I figured it might be fun to add one of those fancy elite guys, and the Doom of Malan’tai stood out to me as a good possible addition to my army.  Also, this was a great opportunity to try my hand at converting something.  My army came with 3 zoanthrope models, and I have yet to ever run more than 2 at once, so I even had a perfectly good base model laying around for the conversion.

After digging through all my bag ‘o’ bits, I was struck with inspiration: I would take some spiky shoulder plates for warriors and glue them to the front of a zoanthrope’s head to make some prominent head spikes.  The finishing touch would be a set of giant scything talons from a carnifex(?) tacked on to make it bigger and more intimidating than your average thrope.  They were fairly simple additions, but I think they worked out well.  Here is a look at the conversion (excuse the crappy cell phone pics):

 First a couple of unpainted looks.  I used 4 of the spiky shoulder pads from a warrior kit, but found a couple in among the bits that had the spike itself cleanly broken off from the shoulder plate.  I’m not sure if this had been done intentionally or not, but it worked really well for the front spikes.  For the spikes in back, I left the shoulder plate on, as it covered the head plate really well.  I had very little trouble getting the spikes glued on.  For the talons, I just found some spots where they could seemed to fit and glued them on without any modification.  The arms are substantially less stable, and I will probably need to secure them with green stuff later on.

Once everything was glued on, I painted the added parts black and proceeded with the carapace.  After much deliberation, I have settled on a scheme with black base coating and red carapace for the majority of the army.


This is the Doom with his carapace fully painted and his head spikes done in white.  I will add some detailing later, particularly on the spikes and brain, but for the most part it’s done.  This is the basic scheme I will apply to all of my nids with carapaces, so once I have the base black and red look down for my entire army (all 10 billion models!), I will come back and start putting the finishing touches on everyone.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this model turned out.  It was my first crack at a conversion, and I typically lack the vision and talent to make cool looking things, but I feel like this is nice and intimidating.  At any rate, it has given me the confidence to try out more conversion projects in the future.